Moon at 11 O’Clock

What's it all about???

Moon at Eleven O’Clock is the story of a quirky middle-aged woman who uses an online matchmaking site specializing in farmers, ranchers and country folk with traditional values to find her cowboy and the life she dreams of. She craves cows and the middle of nowhere. She is running, but what she is running to might be worse than what she is running from. A car accident and a head injury derailed her life and she faces returning home to live with her mother or finding the man of her dreams. It is a modern-day wild west adventure that goes horribly wrong when she discovers his “full disclosure” was anything but.

What does the title mean?

The story gets its name from the final hair-raising chapter when our heroine is lost in the woods at night with only the full moon to guide her as the madman she is running from finds her to “rescue” her.

Who will this appeal to?

Moon at 11 O’Clock is a novella which will appeal to women who are seeking their soulmate and adventure through online dating.  It is for the women who is willing to take a risk to make her dreams come true. It is especially good for a more timid women who can take the risk from the safety of her couch while watching in horror of what reality looks like when you meet a stranger and believe their promises.


It is written like letters to a friend recounting the adventure with a sprinkling of dialog and dry humor.


What do others say?

The response was overwhelming. “That lady with the lizard on her wall was really interesting. I hope I can write like her someday.” English professors, like me, look for special speakers to encourage students in their writing. Knowing G. Polly Jordan’s unique style, I asked her to participate in an online presentation. Students loved her.

Football teams using misdirection in their offensive playbook could take a lesson. You think Jordan is going one way with her character and then she takes off in another direction. Should I laugh or cry? How do I care about a personality that makes such questionable decisions? Why spend money on more boots and have little in the pantry? And rubbing dirt on one’s face for a date? What?!?

You will howl in laughter. You will shake your head in disbelief. “Who is this author?” you will ask. She has created a new genre, “shock prose.”

And you will keep reading. Not only because you want to discover the next surprise. But because you are rooting for her to succeed. You discover she’s not much different than you. And she has that lizard on her wall.


Dr. Mark Eckel, IUPUI Senior Associate English Faculty, President of The Comenius Institute.

It’s a head shaker at times. Publish it as fiction because we would have to lock you up if we believed it was all true. It’s a sad commentary that Daniella liked the cows and farm better than the man.

Sherie @ Murray Grey Cattle

If you’ve ever hoped to meet your soulmate, you’ll appreciate Daniella. A seemingly perfect online match spurs Daniella to take a journey into the unknown with courage and a spirit of adventure. As her dreams give way to the harsh reality of daylight, a heroine emerges, grabbing the reins of her life and navigating out of a disaster into an uncertain future.


Susan Hopson author of Malfunction Junctions: Memphis Stories of Starts, Stops, Wrong Turns, & Dead Ends

Don’t start this book at bedtime as you won’t get any sleep.

said Sharon and Karen and Julie

She can take absolutely nothing and turn it into a story.

Yib Boney