Back Story Trivia

There was indeed a great Kansas adventure Daniella and her God-daughter Kirbie experienced together.  This story is a work of fiction inspired from a lifetime of extraordinarily real adventures.  Eric Wren is a compilation of all the conmen and cattle ranchers Daniella has ever loved and lost, took riddance of or nearly shot.

There are a few sections in the book that happened pretty much as written.  This adventure took place in 2012 and we did drive 1500 miles and we did go to Kansas.  We were terrible photographers and we had no idea there would be a book until the last full moon night before our exit strategy.    

There really was a bistro in a dry county in Arkansas where we had to purchase a private club membership in order to have a cocktail. Kirbie did practice wearing her new six inch prom shoes.

Kirbie did learn to drive as she followed the U-Haul truck and trailer in my new Subaru. 

I did call while enroute for a container to be delivered and it was out in the middle of the pasture when we arrived.  My lovely custom leather couch has been around the country and it baked in the pasture for a while in the Kansas heat. 

This is what we looked like back then. We were holding a bowl of food scraps to feed the animals.

We did landscape the forest and built a fire each night as we shared stories and enjoyed our famous Kansas Ass Kicker sublime concoction.

Digging the thistles and chopping the evergreens by hand over 233 acres.  Equipment and weaponry to be prepared for anything including the laundromat.

The purple flower Kirbie used to mark the creek crossing that we could never find again when we became lost in the dark beneath the full moon. A few animals tracks.

The coyote hat on the guy from the Tulsa Gun and Knife show.  A few of my favorite cow pics.

There is NO LOVE to be found in Sunflower Kansas