Photo Calendars

IMG_0804History of the First Calendar

The first photo calendar was created as a result of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the North Georgia Mountains. That trip commemorated a milestone birthday.  The location was the half way point between Central Florida where I lived and my hometown of Indianapolis where I was returning to live.

Dreams Do Come True

I had always dreamed of my own log cabin in the woods and searched online for an award winning cabin perched high on the mountain.  In four days, every weather event prevailed.  The drive in was a downpour of rain.  A surprise blanket of snow fell the next day.  It covered the roses which were still in bloom.IMG_0708

The sun came out on the last day warming my heart. The trip was amazing. It was indeed a mountain top experience.






I created a photo memory to be enjoyed every day for the entire year.  A second trip provided the material for another calendar and I printed 10 and gave them to my friends for Christmas.  It was such a big hit, the list grew so large of people who loved the photos and wanted a calendar, I printed 100 copies and sold them all.

This launched the Risky Undertaking Calendar Production Venture!

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