20170626_120256G. Polly Jordan is my pen name and comes from my great-grandmother Polly, an adventuresome original with a radiant smile and a twinkle in her eye.  You might also know me as Polly Riddell.





Polly for website 8-2017

A True Original

in a bold funky way, even in my hometown of Indianapolis, people narrow their eyes and say “you’re not from around her are you?”

My life is full of adventure which Webster defines as “an exciting or unusual experience; it might also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.”





Logo Website SMRisky Undertaking-stories to Inspire, Motivate, Encourage and Entertain

Ahh…a risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. My website for the writer side of the enterprise is Risky Undertaking where you will find stories to Inspire, Motivate, Encourage and Entertain.

G. Polly Jordan – Photographer


This website GPollyJordan.com features the photographer side of the enterprise.  Road trips in my Subaru Outback take me along Indiana backroads, exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains of N. Georgia looking for that perfect cabin in the woods.  Cattle ranches are a fascination and I have cow pictures from Indiana, Ohio, Central Florida, Tennessee, Kansas and Texas.

Calendar Endeavors


Stunning Photo Calendars

The photos find their way into calendars of every kind. 2016 Reflections from a Cabin in the Woods calendar focused on the serenity of mountain cabins.  A collage of photos with motivational thoughts and spiritual truth combine for a stunning 12 month adventure.  See sidebar for links for this calendar.

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Promotional Calendars

Let me help you create a calendar to promote

your business

your cause

your fundraising needs

Where else can you put your business in front of your target audience every day for 365 days.

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Parke Place















Advent Calendar

Advent Final Cover 1

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year.

Celebrate the four weeks prior to Christmas

with the ADVENT Calendar

to focus on the birth of Christ with greater meaning and depth.


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