One thought on “The Country Collection of a City Girl”

  1. This post is truly inspiring. The shivers and goosebumps of the Holy Spirit pervaded every aspect of my being. Your meditations are just what I needed to read. No kidding.
    “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned…”
    “If you are faithful in Babylon…”
    “Nothing is more unnerving or disorienting than passionately pursuing God.”
    And I truly love this one, “Go after the dream that is destined to fail without Divine intervention.”
    And this one topped the mark…”…Make a move.”
    I was at a roadblock…one placed by God. Two mornings later, I woke to hear, “Move on.” I made my coffee and laid down for a few minutes of comfy snooze…”Move on, move on, move on…” The Holy Spirit repeatedly spoke.
    It was clear that I was to move on to the next meditation I wrote in 2004. The words of that meditation spoke directly to my situation. I felt relieved. I had moved on. Yet, the Holy Spirit interjected my daily thoughts for the next two days…”Move on.” It was an answer to my job situation. I contacted a good friend in my profession, and a door of opportunity began to open. My family situation, a dire situation, one that I had prevailed through years and years of distress…”Move on.” My home, a vision I had for new construction vanished. I could no longer see it. “Move on.”
    “Why have none of us seen God part a river…”
    “Because our feet are planted firmly on dry ground.”
    The word “dry” spoke to my spirit. Your life is “dry.” It needs the sustenance of my living water.
    Water surrounds me, but it will not overtake me. This water is not God’s living water. He will part the river.
    “We’re waiting on God while God is waiting on us.”
    I recently posted a meditation about “waiting on God.” The flipside is that God is waiting on me.
    “…Make a move.”

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