…take absolutely nothing and turn it into a story

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MOON AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK A modern-day wild west adventure of online matchmaking that goes off the rails.

Triumph in Trials

A photo collection of encouragement in difficult times.

Jerry's Story

A story of hope and provision when God connects a writer with a refugee.

“English professors, like me, look for special speakers to encourage students in their writing.
G. Polly Jordan's unique style will make you howl in laughter and shake your head in disbelief. She created a new genre I call 'shock prose.' And you will keep reading not only because you want to discover the next surprise, but because you are rooting for her to succeed.”

Dr. Mark Eckel

IUPUI Senior Associate English Faculty, President of The Comenius Institute

My life continues to be an adventure journal. Follow me on chronicles of a life fully lived.

A true original in a bold and funky way, even in my hometown of Indianapolis, people narrow their eyes and say, “you’re not from around here are you?”

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